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The Directorate of Research plays four major functions. These are:

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge.
  • Foster an active research culture, encourage innovation and creativity among staff and students.
  • Use research findings to improve teaching and community service.
  • Enhance the reputation of the institution and individual researchers/lecturers in the institution.

Our Mission Statement

The Directorate aims at undertaking independent and collaborative research work across faculties and departments within the university in order to inform social and economic policy and monitor the implementation of programs.

 Our Vision

The directorate is committed to increasing opportunities for high-quality research and special initiatives, thereby becoming a center of excellence in research.

 Our Objectives

The primary objective of the directorate is to establish and maintain an effective research and evaluation program at CUEA.  The objectives of the directorate are:

 To co-ordinate the preparation of research proposals for submission to funding agencies

  1. To assist in the preparation and management of the research budget.
  2. To provide specialist training and advice on all aspects of research to staff and students.
  3. To provide consultancy service to public and private sector organizations and church institutions.
  4. To provide centralized logistical support for research in all academic departments of the university and its affiliated and associated institutions.
  5. To establish and maintain a database for further research.
  6. To administer internal research grants and sponsored research.
  7. To provide technical advice to existing research projects
  8. To conduct and disseminate research through journals, workshops and conferences
  9. To establish research links/collaboration/networking with both local and international institutions
  10. To promote and support the development and review of academic programs
Prof. Samuel Nyanchoga Director, Research

About the Director

Professor Samuel Alfayo Nyanchoga holds BA Hons, Nairobi University; MA (Hist), Nairobi University; Ph.D. Kenyatta University; Fulbright Scholar, Boston College, USA. He is the Director, Research and former Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; He has also served as Director of the Institute for Regional Integration and Development; Director of Academic Programmes, and Head of the History Department. He has served as a Member of the Strategic Planning Committee; Member of the University Senate Investment Committee.

Resource person, Methodological Workshop by OSSREA (2013). Country research collaborator on Retrieval and Digitization of Archival Materials for the Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
Country research collaborator for Catholic Charismatic Movement in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with University of Notre Dame, University of Cape Town, Michigan State University and Spiritan Institute, Enugu, Nigeria;
A Commissioned Historian for General Labour history of Africa under ILO and Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
External reviewer for Commission for University Education; Consultant with National Cohesion and Integration Commission;

Consultant with Kenya Human Rights Commission on the Mau Mau Human Rights Abuse; Research Consultant, Organization of African Instituted Churches of Africa;
External Examiner; Kenyatta University; Mount Kenya University; The University of Nairobi and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology;
Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences;
Africa Humanities and Social Sciences Journal;
Editorial and Executive Member of the Eastern African Journal of Historical and Social Sciences Research. Head the HEREGO local Research;
IRID research on Identities and Slavery Heritage in Contemporary Kenya; member of Corus Research International Team on Environment and Human Rights;
A member of various Professional and Academic Organizations;
Chair of the Kenya Chapter of the Association of Third World Studies, 2008-2009;
Chair of the Kenya Historical Association, 2008-2009;
Chair of the Kenya/American Studies Association (2000); member of CODESREA;
An alumnus of the University of Nairobi;
An alumnus of the Kenyatta University;
Member of Teachers Without Borders;
Mentored many Ph.D. and Master students.


The University Consultancy wing was launched in 2013 with the aim of promoting non-tuition income of the University through training, research and Consultancy as well as enterprise services. Apart from supporting the University in its income projects, the Division has worked with church, public and private institutions in Kenya and the region in offering research, training and consultancy services with an aim of building institutional capacity.

Our Scope

Our scope of work done includes:

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects
  2. Leadership, Management and Governance Advisory and Consultancy
  3. Regional Integration Advisory and Consultancy
  4. Sustainable Development Advisory and Consultancy
  5. Human Resource Management Consultancy
  6. Strategy Development and Review
  7. Institutional Change and Organizational Transformation
  8. Applied Research and Surveys
  9. SME Consultancy and Support
  10. Policy Review and Advisory
  11. Conflict Resolution and Management
  12. Social Justice and Ethics Promotion Work
  13. Customized and Open Continuous Professional Development Programmes
  14. Conferences on Research and Consultancy Projects

Our Methodology

For all our Consultancy projects, we:

  1. Undertake research to assess and establish the client’s needs
  2. Make a roadmap/plan to execute the project’s components with clear milestones and measurements
  3. Implement the project and report on progress as per milestones and measurements
  4. Optimize on feedback and lessons along the way
  5. Submit and close the project

Our Capacity

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to offering our consultancy and research services, pooling resources from the wealth of knowledge and experience of our Faculties:

  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • School of Business
  • School of Nursing
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Center for Social Justice & Ethics
  • Institute of Canon Law
  • The Institute for Regional Integration and Development
  • School of Graduate Studies

The uniqueness of the programme

The Directorate aims at undertaking independent and collaborative research work across faculties and departments within the university in order to inform social and economic policy and monitor the implementation of programs.

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