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Scholarship and Financing Opportunities are as follows:
1.0 The CUEA Cardinal Otunga Scholarship
The University through the Cardinal Otunga Scholarship awards partial tuition scholarships to full-time students once every academic year. Eligibility is based on:
  1. Economic need
  2. Scholarly excellence
  3. Personal character
  4. Quality for leadership
  5. Commitment to the University ideals/activities
  6. Participation in University activities including community service
Note: Those who have not yet joined the University, first years, and final year students do not qualify. Application forms are available at the Dean of Student’s Office.
2.0 Government Loans, Bursaries and Scholarships
Higher Education Loans: Needy Kenyan students at all levels of study qualify for Government loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). Applications are done directly with HELB. Students are also encouraged to check with their Counties and Constituency leadership for access to funds through Constituency Development Funds and bursaries at the County level. For more information contact: