. Казино Раменбет предлагает широкий спектр азартных игр, от классических слотов до настольных игр, обеспечивая уникальный игровой опыт с высококлассным сервисом. Immediate Frontier zlib official
Fees can be paid as follows;
  1. Full payment at the beginning of the semester or,
  2. Payment in installments as follows;
    • The first instalment (50%) payable on registration of the semester
    • The second installment (25%) payable at the end of 1st month of the semester (Week 4)
    • The third instalment (25%) payable at the end of the 2nd month of the semester (Week 8)
Modes of payment
    1. PAYMENTS can be made by BANKERS CHEQUES payable to CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN AFRICA or by Direct Deposit in the University’s accounts in any of the branches of the following banks:
        • NCBA A/C No: 6479 000 011 (Galleria Branch)
        • COOPERATIVE BANK OF KENYA A/C No: 01129 0057 22200 (Parliament Branch)
        • EQUITY BANK A/C No: 06102 9235 2491 (Ongata Rongai Branch)
        • MPESA PAYBILL 100205 (Indicate registration Number as account number)
    2. Foreign Transfers: SWIFT: CITIKENA Routing # 021000089. PLEASE ask your bank to credit the CITI BANK NEW YORK account and advise CITI BANK-NAIROBI of this transfer. For: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa a/c 1 02 473 108 (US Dollar A/C): a/c 1 02 473 141 (Euro A/C): a/c 1 02 473 116 (Pound A/C).
    3. Local Transfers: PLEASE ask your bank to send an I B N (Inter-Bank Transfer) to CITI BANK – NAIROBI For: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa a/c 51 02 473 002 (Ksh. a/c)
    4. Direct deposits in the University account must specify the full name and A/C number of the student who is paying. Payments are to be made within the NORMAL PAYMENT PERIOD (i.e. the first two weeks) of each Semester. Interest of 5% is charged on the remaining balance at the end of each month. This charge is automatically posted to the student account on the first day of the following month.
    5. Other cheques (i.e. personal, Company or Cooperatives cheques) require at least 4 working days to clear before they can be recognized as payment.
    6. Cash payment is prohibited.