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Faculty of Education


Established in August 2005, the Faculty of Education grew out of a thriving Department of Education that was well-known for turning out some of the most notable educational leaders in the AMECEA area. The Faculty has two newly established departments that serve both undergraduate and graduate students.
To set itself apart, the Faculty offers cutting-edge training programs and places a high priority on improving the pedagogical abilities of its faculty members in order to increase student satisfaction. By adopting student-centered teaching methodologies and providing its staff with ongoing training in customized pedagogical approaches, the Faculty cultivates dynamic learning environments that encourage critical thinking.
Due to their commitment to providing top-notch instruction, graduates are more satisfied with their education and are in high demand on the job market since they possess the critical thinking and knowledge acquisition skills. Aiming to enhance learning as a transforming path towards existential fulfillment, the Faculty’s mission goes beyond academic achievement.
As per the words of Professor Avasarala, the Head of the Department of Community Medicine at the Fatima Institute of Medical Sciences, the Faculty places a strong emphasis on the art of teaching, the reciprocal development of teachers and students, accountability in effectively instructive practices, and the value of interactive lectures over didactic lectures in regulating student conduct.

main programs

Dr. Peter Koross (PhD)
Call: 0709 691301

About the dean

Dr. Peter Kiplangat Arap Koros is the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

He has a Phd in Economics of Education and a Masters in Economics and Planning from Egerton University having graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Science- Double Mathematics and Economics. Dr. Koros taught Mathematics and Economics in Kenyan High schools before proceeding to teach Economics, Planning, Administration, Management, statistical methods in education, Quantitative techniques in Education, Methodologies in Educational planning as a full time lecturer at Egerton University. Dr. Koros has worked as a finance Executive in the County Government of Bomet before joining CUEA as a senior lecturer where he teaches Data processing and computer Applications, Fundamentals of Statistics in Education, Advanced Quantitative Research Methods, Advance Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis, Supervision of Theses and dissertations aside from the administrative duties of Deanship at the Faculty of Education.

At the Faculty of Education we offer the following programmes: Bachelor of Education (Science and Arts), Diploma in Early Childhood Education(ECDE), Post-Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE), Post graduate Diploma in the Teaching of Higher Education(PGTHE), Master of Education in: Curriculum studies, Research and Evaluation, Administration and Planning and Educational Psychology. At the doctoral Level we offer courses offered at the Masters level except Educational Psychology whose approval for offer is at the Commission for University Education(CUE). At the moment we offer both online and face to face programmes for both Masters and PhDs students. We plan to offer online programmes for our
diploma and degree students going forward.

Can be reached through:

Call: 0709 691301

Welcome and thank you for exploring the Faculty of Education at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).

At CUEA’s Faculty of Education, our dedication lies in enhancing both the pedagogical skills of our academic staff and the satisfaction of our students. Our classrooms primarily adopt student-centered training models, fostering engagement and nurturing critical thinking among our students. We continually refine our teaching methods by providing tailored pedagogical approaches that cater to specific groups, subjects, and educational objectives.

The result? A more fulfilled student body. Equipped with a diverse set of skills acquired through our rigorous programs, our graduates are highly sought after in today’s competitive job market. Employers value their ability to critically analyze information, a testament to the effectiveness of our enhanced pedagogical strategies.

Join us at the Faculty of Education, where meaningful learning experiences are cultivated, and success is not just encouraged but expected.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Planning and Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Education Research and Evaluation
Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies and Instruction

Master of Education

Master of Education in Educational Planning and Administration
Master of Education in Education Research and Evaluation
Master of Education in Curriculum Studies and Instruction
Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Guidance and Counselling

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Undergraduate Level

The department runs the Bachelor of Education programme in both Regular and Part-Time (formerly school-based) programmes. We have the two, three and four years programmes in both the Regular and school focused Programme. The department offers the following combinations in both Arts and Sciences:

  • Business Studies/Geography
  • Business Studies/History
  • Chemistry/ Biology
  • Computer Science/ Mathematics
  • English/ Christian Religious Education
  • English/ Literature in English
  • Geography/ Christian Religious Education
  • Geography/ Physics
  • Geography/Biology
  • Geography/Chemistry
  • History/ Geography
  • History/Christian Religious Education
  • Kiswahili/ Christian Religious Education
  • Kiswahili/ Geography
  • Kiswahili/ History
  • Mathematics/ Biology
  • Mathematics/ Business Studies
  • Mathematics/ Geography
  • Mathematics/ Physics
  • Mathematics/Chemistry
  • Physics/ Biology
  • Physics/Chemistry
Diploma Programs

Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education

The Faculty provides a variety of academic programs to meet the needs of students with different interests in learning. These include Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) programs in four distinct areas: Curriculum Studies and Instruction, Educational Research and Evaluation, Educational Administration and Planning, and Counseling Psychology.
It also offers the standard and school-focused Masters of Education programs and Bachelor of Education, which are delivered both in regular sessions and on vacations. Furthermore, the Faculty offers Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Advanced Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education (PGTHE), and The Faculty has over the years enrolled thousands of students and similar numbers having graduated over the years.

Great progress has been made in building relationships and accomplishing affiliation objectives with Marist International University College, most notably in the creation and introduction of a primary school teacher-focused diploma program and a school-based Bachelor of Education program in August 2006.

The Department is actively involved in the delivery of a Bachelor of Education program directed towards Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA)/ASEC in partnership with the Directorate of Linkages. The goal of this program, which is being carried out in collaboration with Maywood University in Pennsylvania, USA, is to provide women religious with more educational possibilities throughout Africa so they can obtain credentials for positions in teaching, healthcare, and other service ministries. There are currently tens of nuns involved in the program, and many more continue joining.

Additional links include a collaboration with Moshi’s Don Bosco Major Seminary, where a Bachelor of Philosophy and Education degree was introduced in August 2006. Don Bosco and the Department worked closely together to introduce a second teaching subject. In addition, the Faculty offers a primary school-focused Diploma in Education and has created a Diploma course in living skills in collaboration with Marist International University College, one of CUEA’s constituent colleges.

Support for the Eritrean Institute of Religious Studies (IRS) is going well. The Department has moderated course descriptions and exams, and a campus visit has happened. In October 2013, the first group of six IRS BEd students received their diplomas.
Additionally, the Faculty continues to collaborate academically with the Catholic University of South Sudan (CUoSS), which provides an Arts Bachelor of Education program. Notably, in October 2014, CUoSS honored the graduates of its first class of students.

There are thousands of students enrolled in the faculty. Students hone their abilities and pick up vital knowledge for successful and rewarding careers here as they fully immerse themselves in their chosen fields. The faculty places a high priority on the welfare of the students and provides them with extensive, individually designed support services. Situated on the ground level of Nsubuga Hall, the faculty-student office functions as the central point for student affairs. It makes it easier for the faculty-student government to consult with staff and peers on a variety of academic matters.

The academic staff exhibits a strong commitment to community involvement, both on and off campus. Its dedication to serving others is in perfect harmony with the University’s broader vision and goal. More than just providing financial support, the faculty actively participates in improving local communities by promoting a service-learning model. By collaborating with educational establishments such as Light Academy. It provides assistance by means of educational resources and other necessary services, cultivating a mutually beneficial and progressive culture.

Find the faculty brochure here. 

The uniqueness of the programme

In order to give life a deep purpose and encourage the pursuit of pleasure, we at the Faculty of Education are committed to transforming education into a spiritual and existential enrichment journey. We truly feel that teaching is an art form that goes beyond the simple transmission of knowledge, in line with the views of Avasarala, Professor and Head of the Department of Community Medicine at the Fatima Institute of Medical Sciences. We stress the mutually beneficial interaction between teacher and student growth, understanding that each has an impact on the other. We disagree with the idea that instructors should take the blame for any inadequacies in the way they convey knowledge, placing the emphasis on their need to design engaging lectures. Delivering engaging and meaningful courses is the foundation of our approach to good classroom management.

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