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About The Directorate of Advancement


The Directorate of University Advancement serves the University by building and strengthening relationships with diverse constituencies that encourage investment in and support to the university in its programs and initiatives. The office endeavors to promote and develop support services for the University.

The current functional areas include:

  • Planning and Development (Fundraising);
  • Events and Facilities.

The Office works closely with the Academic Linkages directorate, Research department, University Consultancy, and Faculties. The office also seeks to maintain a coordinated resource mobilization and implementation of prioritized projects in the satellite campuses.

Objectives of the directorate include:

  • To increase awareness of the positive impact the University has on the community, church, nation and the AMECEA region and beyond;
  • To strengthen the sense of community, connection and loyalty between CUEA and its stakeholders;
  • To increase the value that stakeholders place on the ways CUEA fulfills its mission of quality research, teaching and community service;
  • To enhance CUEA’s ability to attract and sustain the resources it needs to continue to be successful;
  • To provide an alternative source of revenue for CUEA.

The Planning and Development Department was set up in 2004. The Department is established on the premise that development goes beyond fundraising to planning and communications. The functional operations are guided by the following basic objectives:

  • To ensure that an up to date database of donors is maintained,
  • To make a follow-up of fundraiser activities two weeks after the event,
  • To progressively develop and implement fundraising programs for the University’s development projects,
  • To organize market strategies for the University that attracts funding by developing resource mobilization proposals.

The University launched Cardinal Otunga Scholarship Programme (COS) program in 2005. Basic intention was to honour one of the Founding Fathers of the University. This department coordinates this annual event held once a year in the first week of September.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) is located 8 KM away from the Central Business District of Nairobi Kenya. CUEA provides excellent facilities and offers premium services for high-level conferences, seminars and workshops, and all corporate social events. It has a serene environment with well-maintained gardens and a secure compound. The conference rooms are well lit with both natural and electric lighting. We are ready to discuss and facilitate your specific event needs. CUEA has experienced personnel in handling both local and international high-profile events that allow you to enjoy personalized customer care service throughout your event. To provide assurance for uninterrupted events we also provide the following: exhibition areas, catering services, the automatic back-up power generator 500 KVA, borehole water source, ample and secure parking, hoisting of your promotional materials within the university premises, and dedicated conference attendants throughout your event. CUEA is focused on satisfying our customers’ needs in order to build a healthy business partnership. Your comfort & satisfaction is our commitment & duty

At CUEA we embrace total quality management that is customer-focused and that seeks to exceed customer expectations at all times. We treasure customer feedback on our services as it informs our quality improvement processes. This is one of the departments under the Directorate of University Advancement. The department coordinates events that are hosted in the university facilities. It works closely with other departments of the University Advancement Unit plus CUEA Consultancy, Corporate Communications department, and other university functional heads to promote Events and Projects.

The following are highlights of the facilities;

  • State of the Art Auditoriums
  • Up to 800 sitting capacity
  • Smaller meeting rooms
  • Back-up generator
  • Ample & secure parking
  • Audio and Videoconferencing
  • Multilingual delegates facilities
  • Real-time voting system
  • LED screens and projector
  • Affordable rates for hire
  • Top-notch restaurant

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