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Cardinal Otunga Scholarship Fund

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) launched the Cardinal Otunga Memorial Mass, Lecture and Scholarship Fund Programme on 29th September 2005. This is an initiative to honour and remember the work of one of our Founding Fathers and Trustees, Maurice Cardinal Otunga, who played a key role in the establishment of the University as well as establish a fund that would support the education of the needy students at CUEA.

CUEA was founded in 1984 by the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA), an umbrella organization of the Bishops, from eight countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The three-part event is held annually as an important occasion in the University’s calendar.

The CUEA Cardinal Otunga Scholarship Fund seeks to achieve three key objectives:

  1. To provide financial assistance to needy students of good character, strong academic standing who have a deep connection with University activities including community service;
  2. To nurture the spirit of giving and compassion among members of the CUEA fraternity in the region;
  3. To promote the ideals of Cardinal Otunga and CUEA Founding Fathers in serving humanity with compassion and dignity

The CUEA Cardinal Otunga Scholarship Fund governance framework comprises of two committees: The Fund’s Steering Committee and the Scholarship Awards Committee. The Steering Committee organizes the Annual Cardinal Otunga Memorial Mass, the Lecture and the Scholarship Fundraiser whereas the Scholarship Awards Committee which is chaired by the Dean of Students administers the funds to deserving students. Some of the members of the Steering Committee also sit in the Awards Committee for enhanced transparency.

The process of award starts with an application where a student fills a form controlled from the Dean of Students Office. The Scholarship Awards Committee reviews all the applications against the Scholarship Assessment Criteria and shortlists the deserving applicants in the various categories based on the available resources. The allocation is then approved by the Vice Chancellor who awards the qualified applicants during a Scholarship Award Ceremony. The details of the Awardees are then forwarded to the Chief Finance Officer who credits the accounts of individual beneficiaries.

This is a partial tuition grant awarded to deserving students studying in CUEA. The award criterion is based on five critical areas including:

  • A compelling economic need
  • High academic performance
  • Good demonstrated character
  • Involvement in University activities and Community Service
  • Active commitment to one’s faith

Since the establishment of the Cardinal Otunga Scholarship progamme, the fund has sponsored over 500 students. These are needy students who needed a helping hand to complete their University education and achieve their vision.

The University is working to establish an endowment fund. One of its objectives will be to support needy students and future scholars in research programs as well as capital projects as the University pursues its wider mandate of being a beacon of excellence in research, academics and community service. It is intended that resources shall be solicited from various sources including CUEA’s wide Alumni base across Africa and the world, the Church and its institutions as well as its business networks. Any interested institution or individual can support the Fund and is welcome to donate both in kind and in cash.
IN-KIND DONATIONS: These could be in form of:

  1. Mentorship and work-study programs to the needy students where you or your organization can be resourceful to them by mentoring them or giving them an opportunity to work in your institution at a stipend as they learn.
  2. Provision of dry food and personal effects: You have an opportunity to provide dry food items such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, and cereals. Personal effects such as washing powder, bathing soap, and toothpaste are also welcome. These items are normally shared with needy students from the Chaplain’s office.
  3. Direct scholarship: On request, we can provide you with details of needy students here in CUEA who you can fund directly and follow up on their education’s progress.

CASH DONATIONS can be deposited directly to the bank or as a cheque addressed to:

Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Bank: Cooperative Bank

Account Number: 01129005722203

Cheques to be addressed to Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Payment by MPESA:

Paybill No: 400200

A/c No: 01129005722203

Note: Kindly forward the code, amount and payment date from the MPESA message to cardinalotunga@cuea.edu, to receive your receipt