Moral Theology

About the Department of Moral Theology

Moral Theology Department is the research, teaching and community services department in the Faculty of Theology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. It has existed since 1984 then the Catholic Higher Institute of Eastern Africa (CHIA) now known as The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) whose philosophy stresses free search for the whole truth about nature, humanity, and God.

Our Motto: Christ, Our hope and strength of our faith

Our Vision: To be a world-class theological department preparing creative and competent moral theology alumni in the light of Catholic moral tradition and social thought.

Our Mission: To promote critical approach to moral issues and morally responsible practice in teaching, learning, research, and community engagement through:

  • Engendering a culture of reading and of being current with moral theological research and literature.
  • Promoting mentorship and training transformed moral theological researchers and professionals of institutions of higher learning, major seminaries, and religious institutes.
  • Developing holistic moral theological education and new perspectives to teaching among faculty.
  • Promoting critical thinking and writing in Catholic moral theology among faculty and students.
  • Creating interdisciplinary and intra-disciplinary research and learning.
  • Providing connection (networking), collaboration and psychological support to each other.

Our Mandate: The academic staff and students in the Department of Moral Theology believe that human persons make themselves to be the kind of persons they are, in and through the actions they freely and responsibly choose to do or avoid. In light of this moral conviction, the department is committed to:

  • Teaching, reflective research, publication, and community engagement.
  • Studying and providing solutions to various moral, political, ecological, biomedical, and justice and peace problems in the AMECEA region and beyond.
  • Promoting morality and new evangelization in the AMECEA region and beyond.
  • Making sure the CUEA’s Mission, which is to promote excellence in research, teaching and community service by preparing morally upright leaders based on the intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church, is understood and achieved.

Our Program of Studies: 2 years - Licentiate /Master’s Degrees, & 4 years - Doctorate Degree in Moral Theology in the following areas of specialization: Moral theology of marriage, family and human sexuality; biblical and Patristics’ moral thought; history of moral theology; fundamental moral principles; conscience and moral truth, freedom and law, sin, the moral act; Thomism; morality and the renewal of socio-economic and political life; human dignity and rights in the Catholic social thought; integration of personalism in social ethics, sexual ethics, biomedical ethics; justice and peace; political and environmental/ecological ethics related to Bible and the Catholic social thought; and the integration of post-Vatican II person-centred and community-oriented moral theology which is open to transcendence.


Academic Staff in Moral Theology Department

Head of Department

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Wabanhu, STB (Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome), Theology; STL/MA (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium), Religious Studies & Moral Theology; STD/PhD (Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium), Moral Theology/Business Ethics.

Full Time Lecturers:

Rev. Dr. Prof. Richard Rwiza, STL (CUEA), Moral Theology; MA (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium), Moral Theology; STD/PhD (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium), Moral Theology/Human Rights.

Part Time Lecturers:

  • Dr. David Mbugua K, OFM cap., STL (Alfonsianum, Rome), Moral Theology; STD (CUEA) Moral Theology.
  • Dr. Samuel Bedijo, OSB, STL (Alfonsianum, Rome), Moral Theology, STD (CUEA), Moral Theology.

Note: All the admissions are dealt with by the Office of the University Registrar.