leadership involvmentWe encourage the members of CUEA to participate in the following committees to enhance the spiritual life in the University: Staff and students are encouraged to volunteer through the office of the chaplain to participate in one of the following committees:

Liturgical Committee
Outreach Committee
Volunteer Committee
Hospitality Committee
Small Christian Community Committee
Development Committee
Stewardship Committee
Faith Formation Committee
We are training lectors to read the word of God and to serve during the liturgy: enroll each Trimester with the office of the Chaplain to be allocated to serve in this ministries. You may also see Rev. Sr. Lucy Kimaro (Lecturer)


We encourage the sharing of the word of God during the weekdays in the different hostels. Arrange with the office of the Chaplain to know when a priest or a religious can visit your small Christian community in your respective hostels outside the University. Let us get to know who lives next to us in our hostels and their needs.