Community Service

An operational community service coordination office was constituted on September 2011. The role of this office is to synchronize all community service activities of all Campuses, Faculties, Centers, and Institutes/divisions of the University.

Since the committee was established in the middle of the financial year, there was no budgetary allocation for its functionality. However, the University has allocated a budget in consequent financial years. This has been achieved by consolidating all community service budgets from respective Campuses, Faculties, Centres, and Institutes/divisions of the University for Coordination purposes and adherence to the community service procedure which highlights approval of budgets of the respective units by the community service committee.

Since the enactment of the community service committee, in collaboration with various sections of the University, Operations of community service have been ongoing and various activities have taken place.

Community service has been a forever, long service done through giving people of communities in the effort to bring up their neighborhood. These selfless acts of kindness have been passed through the generations with the same undertones. As volunteering services have grown through the times, there are now more available means of community services for people to involve themselves with. Those who have taken on community service projects have greatly benefited from their work, gaining memorable experiences, and building unique character traits.

For those who are unfamiliar with volunteering, the thought of commitment comes to mind. The commitment that is made to volunteering is slightly different, for in most volunteering situations, you create as much of a commitment as you want. People have the option to volunteer as much of their own time as they are willing, still allowing them to remain focused on their school, work, and personal lives.