Directorate of Research


The four major functions of DRIGT:

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge.
  • Foster an active research culture, encourage innovation and creativity among staff and students and coordinate Graduate training.
  • Use research findings to improve teaching.
  • Enhance the reputation of the institution and individual researchers/lecturers in the institution.
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to undertake independent collaborative research work across faculties and departments within the University in order to inform political, social and economic policy and monitor implementation of programmes.

Our Vision

We are committed to increasing opportunity for high quality research and special initiatives, thereby, becoming a centre of excellence in research and innovation.

Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to conduct and coordinate all research activities at the CUEA:

  • To provide specialist training and advice on all aspects of research to staff and students
  • To establish and coordinate with CUEA’s Faculties, Institutes, Centers and Campuses to create and maintain a comprehensive postgraduate student’s data-base for ensuring excellent academic services and posterits.
  • To conduct and disseminate research through journals, workshops, symposia, conferences at institutional, national and international levels.
  • To maintain overall knowledge of the university’s top research prospects to assist fundraisers in developing appropriate cultivation, solicitation and stewardship strategies for research.
  • To promote the development of graduate academic programs.
  • To act as the primary liaison for specific programs (joined degrees/majors & minor) within university and coordinate its major functions.
  • To advice postgraduate students in the creation of their program of study.
  • To formulate policies that ensure that innovative and creative ideas that encourage and tapped, and identifying potential funding sources for Innovation & Incubation and expansion opportunities.
  • To consult and advice graduate faculty and students regarding graduate policies.
  • To facilitate revision of the graduate program curriculum.
  • To organize workshops, conferences, symposia and seminars to enable graduate students have for a where they can share their research findings and other academics experiences.
  • To assist in preparation and management of research budget.
  • To promote collaborative research between CUEA and other universities and institutes of higher learning in Africa and beyond.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary research between the faculties and departments of the university.
  • To perform any other duty as may be assigned by the DVC Academic Affairs & Research.