Continuation of Learning on ODEL and Online Examinations

Further to the Presidential Directives issued on Friday 26th March 2021, the University has been closed for face to face teaching.

All students are encouraged to study online from home until a further directive is given.

Please note the following:

  • The remaining weeks of learning before examinations will take place on ODEL-KENET platform.
  • All April 2021 examinations will be conducted online through the ODEL-KENET platform. Prepare well.
  • Ensure that your fees for January-April 2021 semester is fully paid according to the University policy in the Students’ Handbook 2.1.1 “The University operates on a Zero fee-balance policy which means that only students who have cleared their fees are allowed to sit for exams”.
  • Your fees should be fully paid before 8th April 2021. This is because the online exams require processing and registration into ODEL-KENET platform beforehand so that students can access the online examinations online, on time.
  • Fee payments should be made directly to the CUEA Bank Account or through MPESA Business Number 100205, your account number is your student number. An additional 40 is required as transaction fee together with the amount that you pay through MPESA.

Let us continue to be vigilant in observing the social distance, wearing of masks, washing hands and sanitizing.


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