Onsite Classes for Finalists and Practical Courses

CUEA, 30th September 2020

To Students and Staff:

The University Management Board appreciates the fact that teaching and learning have continued to take place in our University since the on-site normal operations of our activities were suspended on 16th March 2020 because of the corona virus pandemic.

Pursuant to the directives issued by the CS for Education on 29th September 2020 on re-opening of Universities and Tertiary Institutions, with effect from Monday, 5th October 2020, the University Management Board communicates the following to students and staff:

  1. The finalists and those who had deferred their practicals after having done the theoretical parts of their studies, these include students of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health Sciences, Computer Science, will resume on Campus learning on Thursday, 8th October 2020.
  2. The specific timetabling for practicals is being made in consultation among the Deans, Directors, and HoDs.
  3. Meanwhile, learning is continuing uninterrupted online for all Faculties, Institutes, and Center as it has started.
  4. The University Senate is meeting on 1st October 2020 to give direction on the modalities of resumption of on-site learning for the other classes of the University.
  5. On 8th October 2020, at 8:00 a.m., the University invites the students and staff for a special programme on Psycho-social and Spiritual Support during the subsistence of the current pandemic, and to educate students on the HELB requirements for needy Kenyan students.
  6. The Ministry of Education requires the learning institutions to mandatorily enforce strict adherence to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols, which include monitoring of the body temperature for all learners and all other persons accessing the institutions, observance of high levels of hygiene, handwashing/use of sanitizers, and the adoption of innovative approaches to uphold the guidelines on physical and social distancing and the use of face masks/shields”.

Academic Registrar