This year’s convocation ceremony was held on August 27. The chief guest at the event was Bishop Anthony Muheria, Kitui Catholic Diocese and the Apostolic Administrator, Machakos Diocese.

In his speech, Bishop Muheria addressed himself to the issues of Catholic Identity, collective responsibility and the growth of the University. His address was largely inspired by St. John Paul II and Blessed Cardinal Newman. He said that both possessed a deep catholic spirit, and were excellent and sharp minds, true products of University life and outstanding saints.

Bishop Muheria warned against situations whereby students are taught for the sake of passing exams. “If we are only to teach them how to pass exams we would have betrayed the very spirit of University, we would have dehumanized them, “de-perfecting”their very humanity.”

He noted that the Catholic Identity should be seen through transmission of human values and qualities, transforming boys and girls to competent leaders, into virtuous, ethical and upright people, based on the Catholic style.

While further quoting Pope Francis on his new encyclical, Laudato Si, he reminded us not to be enslaved in a Technocracy, where technology dictates life, emptying man of the capacity of relating and engaging nature.

He urged staff and students alike to inculcate in themselves a love and admiration of nature and a great capacity to create human relationships with others and with God.

Bishop Muheria added; we are greatly challenged by the emptying of the capacity to wonder that technology, digital connectedness has produced in society. We seem not to have time, or to have lost the capacity to stand in awe before a sunset or sun rise, or to contemplate the beauty of nature and landscapes, to wonder at the small things around us of nature: the engineering prowess of the ant in the air-conditioned ant hill, the connectedness of nature where a honey seeker, a bird, talks to a badger, an animal. We need to rediscover the beauty of music and discover Beauty itself because it is a doorway to the Truth.

Bishop Muheria is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University after being appointed by the AMECEA Bishops during their plenary in Malawi last year.