Activities of the Office of Academic Linkages

a. Affiliations

The Office of Academic Linkages has an overall supervisory role on Constituent Colleges especially. The Coordinator of Academic Linkages convenes the Inspection of Constituent and Affiliated Colleges. He peruses programmes of colleges and presents them to the CUEA SENATE for evaluation before the acceptance. The office is instrumental in Signing of Memoranda, and conventions formation of new constituent and affiliated colleges and seminaries.

Constituent Colleges:

  1. Tangaza College – Nairobi
  2. Hekima College – Nairobi
  3. Marist International – Nairobi
  4. Regina Pacis University College, Elementaita - Kenya

Affiliated Institutions:

  1. Don Bosco Philosophicum, Moshi – Tanzania
  2. Chemchemi ya Uzima Centre (Institute of Catechetics and Pastoral Ministry – Nairobi
  3. Christ the King Seminary (Philosophicum) – Nyeri
  4. Spiritan Missionary Seminary, Arusha - Tanzania
  5. AMECEA  Pastoral Institute / Gaba – Eldoret

We are at an advanced stage of affiliation with:

    1. Uzima University College – Kisumu (in process of being Constituent College)

  1. Corat Africa
  2. St Anthony's Major Seminary/Kachebere, Malawi
  3. Baraka Agricultural College, Molo
  4. St Thomas Aquinas Semainary
  5. St Mary’s Hygiene Center
  6. Rauya Institute of Pastoral and Theology


Inquiries on affiliation have been received from:

  • Kobujoi Development Training Institute – Eldoret
  • St Augustine’s Catechetical Centre – Nyeri
  • The Coast Academy – Mombasa
  • St Thomas Aquinas – Nairobi
  • Nairobi St Joseph Seminary (Philosophicum) Meru
  • Unity College of Professional Studies


b. Collaboration

This year, the Academic Linkages Office facilitated collaboration with other Universities. It coordinated the signing of the Memorandum of Understand between CUEA and other universities. For example, the latest MOU was signed in July 2010 between CUEA and Providence University/Taiwan.

This office facilitates staff and students exchange. Last Semester we had two students here in CUEA from St Benedict College and St John’s University Minnesota/US who took some courses in the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences. The Office also recommends many students from CUEA who would like to go to other universities, facilitates transfer of credits from out to CUEA or vice versa. We facilitate our students to get in touch with any university they want to enroll to. We help our students to get to the University of their Choice either because they get a scholarship or because they just want to change the university. For example Mr Edward Kioko, the student who got a scholarship because of being the best student at the last graduation, we facilitated all his process of registration at Liverpool Hope University.


Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with:

  • Provident University – Taiwan
  • University for Peace – Costa Rica
  • Foro Europeo: The Business School of Navarra – Spain
  • Economy of Communion Focolare Movement – Italy
  • College of the Holy Cross – USA
  • St John’s University – USA


Other universities we closely collaborate with include:

  • Loyola University/USA – Visit by faculty
  • Liverpool Hope University/ UK – Coordinated visit to Liverpool and the Education Workshop, , student scholarship
  • Providence University /Taiwan – Memorandum of Understanding
  • University of Notre Dame/ USA – Working on three projects: Charismatic Movement, Human Rights, Monitoring 2012 Elections
  • Mwenge University College/Tanzania - Collaboration
  • St Benedict College and St John’s University Minnesota/ US – Exchange Programme
  • Uganda Martyrs University of Nkonzi – Uganda
  • St Augustine’s University of Mwanza – Tanzania
  • George Town University / USA – Visit by Faculty
  • Scranton University/USA – Visit by Students and faculty
  • UPEACE – Staff Development for the CSJE


c. Membership

The Office Academic Linkages facilitates CUEA’s membership to associations of higher learning. The Office is in constant communication with these associations and makes sure CUEA has paid membership fee, look for and check the possibilities of partnership or collaboration in the domain of staff exchange, students exchange, proposals, etc. For example, a CUEA staff member is going to Ghana for Staff Exchange Programme through the Association of African Universities.  CUEA is member of the:

1. International Association of Universities (IAU)

2. Association of Common Wealth University (ACU)

3. International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)

4. Association African Universities (AAU).

5. Association of Catholic University and Higher Institutes of Africa and Madagascar (ACUHIAM)

6. Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA)

7. Council for Catholic Higher Education in AMECEA Region (CCHEAR)

The Academic Linkages Office updates the information on CUEA at the above associations.


Other activities of the Linkages Office include:

-      The Office also coordinates the Distant Learning Programme between CUEA and the Institute of Religious Studies (IRS), Eritrea that would like to offer the CUEA Programme of a Bachelor degree in Education

-      We have a Resource Centre on academic linkages, collaboration and partnership; many staff borrow books in our resource centre.

-      Advise staff and students on possibilities of scholarships and fellowships through the Linkages Notice Board. We do update our Notice board and sending emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on the opportunities of scholarship, and call for papers.


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