Prof. Pereka

The University has lost a Council Member, Prof. Apollinaria Elikana Pereka.  

She died on 4th may 2020 at the Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital (SUA) in Tanzania, while undergoing treatment. Report from SUA hospital and doctors revealed that she died of diabetes which caused her a heart attack.
The Secretary General of Tanzania Episcopal Conference Rev. Charles Kitima, said that most the Catholic Church universities in Tanzania have lost an academic matriarch. Prof. Pereka had discipline in carrying out her professional duties. She knew how to balance the values ​​of her profession and her faith.
He said, the SUA has lost a hardworking, Godly, patriotic and experienced committed professional.
“She was a Catholic with a background in Veterinary Science and encouraged farming. She advised our bishops on agricultural issues especially in livestock and dairy sector,” he said.
Moreover, she has been a CUEA Council Member as a distinguished expert in academics for more than five years. She was also the Chairperson of the Council of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) since May 30, 2016 up to her death.
Fr Kitima explained that Prof. Pereka, apart from being academician and a lecturer at SUA, she maintained her Catholic faith and participated in various Church Activities.  Prof. Pereka served in various positions in the Church; She was a member of CUEA Council and Secretary of the Catholic Council of SUA University from 1992-1996.
She was Vice-Chair of the Catholic Women's Union in Tanzania in 1994-2010. She has been a leader for Small Christian Communities and Parishes all through her life. Every Sunday she decorated the church with fresh rose flowers bought by herself from 1990s until her death.
Prof.  Pereka was born on 6 July 1952. She has held several positions in Tanzania Universities, positions she held through appointments by Tanzania Presidents.
The University is saddened by the death of Prof. Pereka (who has since been laid to rest) and sends its condolences to her family, and the Catholic Church in Tanzania by extension.