On Wednesday, June 26, we hosted HAART Kenya for an event under the theme 'Empowering People through Local Livelihood Options; Promoting Safe Migration' at Jubilee Hall-Room 5.

Students were made to understand how Human Trafficking is happening and options for Safe Migration. Human Trafficking can be through Forced Labour, Sexual Exploitation, Organ Removal, Forced Marriage among others and students were encouraged by HAART Kenya personnel to report such cases.

"As University students, we have role in creating awareness about Human Trafficking as youths in the society", said Ms. Veronica Mwangi.

HAART Kenya is NGO based in Nairobi, creating awareness Against Human Trafficking.

Among those who attended were Mr. Wakanyua, University Dean of Students, Ms. Veronica Mwangi, Assistant Director at Kenya Commission Human Rights, Personnel from HAART Kenya and students.