The recent student elections (held on Mar 9) at the university have been lauded at different quarters for their efficiency and being a first at the University.

This is mainly for the reason that students voted online and the results were trickling in minute by minute till the end of the voting period where the final results were immediately available.

All those who used it appreciated it and have congratulated the team that designed and developed the system. It made the students elections efficient and convenient. For the first time, since students’ elections in CUEA, the election committee released the results before seven in the evening. Previously results were released by 1.00 am. The results of the elections can now be easily accessed through this link

The online voting system was noted by the Association of African Universities (AAU) and highlighted in their bulletin of March 4th ( Our Twitter and Facebook followers also acknowledged it.

In Kenya, only Africa Nazarene University conducted their elections electronically last year. However, this is a common feature in student politics in Europe and America.

The system was designed and developed by a group of students in the department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science. The system allowed the students to vote conveniently from any location securely. All they needed was an internet connection! Its important features included:

Security: Students personal data is sent and stored encrypted for extra security and privacy

Flexibility: One can vote from any device – Smartphone, Laptop, or Desktop

Intuit: Easy to use design

All a student needed was to connect to to verify their details. On the voting day the Jubilee Computer Lab and Tzadua computer Labs were open to all students to vote. However, voting was also done from their personal devices i.e., Laptop, mobile phones (Smart phones) and Desktop computer at their convenience place. It was a fantastic invention of the students by the students for the students.

It is interesting to note that the outcome of the elections was very close to what another CUEA student political analyst, Nick, had predicted in his opinion poll that can be easily accessed through this link