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The Faculty of Education will host its 10th Interdisciplinary session from June 7-9 here at Langata Campus, Jubilee Auditorium.

The theme of the session is Policy to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Education Opportunity in Africa

The keynote address will be done by Prof. Bosire Monari Mwebi, PhD, UNICEF Technical Adviser, Kenya Education Curriculum Reform, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Nairobi, Kenya & Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

You are most welcome

See the programme here.

The University will host a CRVP conference on 27th and 28th May. This is short for Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. It was started in 1970s at CUA, USA, but has spread all over the world. In Africa, CRVP international conferences are regularly held at one university per country.

Kenya has become the first to host the at 2 universities, Nairobi University (23-24 May), and CUEA (27-28 May) at the Learning Resource Centre.

Kindly find the Programme here.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa invites applications for Pre-qualification from interested competent and eligible bidders for the supply and provision of the under-listed goods and services.  The University is in the process of contracting new service providers and at the same time reviewing and updating the existing ones in the following category of goods, services and works:


See details here.

Applications are now open for seven scholarships at ACU member institutions in South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Gibraltar. We would be grateful if you could forward this opportunity to your eligible contacts.

Six Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships in South Africa and Sri Lanka

These Commonwealth Scholarships give talented students – who can be from any Commonwealth country other than the host country – the opportunity to gain a degree while developing new skills and experiencing life in another country. The scholarships are fully funded, including tuition fees, a return flight, an arrival allowance, and a living allowance.

Four fully-funded Research Master’s Scholarships are being offered at any ACU member university in South Africa, and are open to citizens of any Commonwealth country other than South Africa. The scholarships are tenable in research fields linked to: Birds as Key to Biodiversity Conservation, Climate and Earth Systems Sciences, Food Security, Invasion Biology, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Tree Health Biotechnology.

Sri Lanka is offering two fully-funded Master’s Scholarships, tenable either for an MBA at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, or an MSc Cellular and Molecular Immunology/Molecular Life Sciences at the University of Colombo. They are likewise open to citizens of any Commonwealth country other than Sri Lanka.

The University of Gibraltar is offering a new, fully-funded Commonwealth PhD Scholarship, which is open to citizens of any Commonwealth country other than the United Kingdom/Gibraltar. The scholarship is tenable in the following research areas: Marine Science and Climate Change, Maritime Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Brexit and Gibraltar.

  • For more information and to apply, please visit the University of Gibraltar website at The closing date for applications is Thursday 15 June 2017.

Applications from students and graduates of ACU member universities are warmly encouraged. 



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