thankuThe Vice Chancellor Msgr. Dr. Pius Rutechura held a luncheon to congratulate Mr. CUEA 2013/2014, Brian Obiero, third year Bachelor of Commerce student and Miss. CUEA 2013/2014, Doreen Gatwiri Riungu, fourth year Bachelor of Law student, on 7th February 2014, at Stedmark Garden, Karen. The Vice Chancellor thanked them for showcasing their talents in the annual beauty pageant.

“There is no better time in your life to show people that you can add value and make a significance difference in the society.” Said the Vice Chancellor. He encouraged all the students at the event to cultivate inner beauty, to be role models to their fellow students at the University, and to demonstrate how they can use their talents for the common good of the society.

Mr. Gideon Mania, Dean of Students, remarked that what the students achieved is a big success. “God has put us here for a reason and we have to continually discern that reason and make sure everyone is part of that success.” Mr. Maina urged them to mobilize their fellow students to actively take part in various University projects.

Also in attendance was; the Personal Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Nyambega; Deputy Dean of students, Sr. Dr. Lucy Kimaru; Ms. Flora Kairuthi, Dean of Students Secretary; The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Students Organisation (CUEASO) Vice Chair, Ms. Diana M. Thomas, fourth year Faculty of Commerce; Mr. Guy Kasereka, 2nd Runners Up 2012/2013, third year Faculty of Science; Mr. Benjamin Kabandja, 1st Runners Up 2013/2014, fourth year Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Ms. Damaris Mutile, 1st Runners Up 2013/2014, second year Faculty of Law; Mr. David Sindani, 1st Runner Up 2012/2013, fourth year Faculty of Law; Ms. Gladys N. Nyambeki, 1st Runners Up 2012/2013, 2013 graduate; Ms. Beatie Linda Wachera, 2nd Runners Up 2013/2014, fourth year Faculty of Law; and Mr. CUEA 2012/2013, Nixon Kombo N’djafe, 2013 graduate.