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DATE: Saturday February 10, 2018



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Chastity as a virtue and a value is indispensable in the formation of young people. There is not only a link between pre-marital chastity and marital fidelity but also between chastity and careers/vocations. Chastity before marriage enforces chastity within marriage. A chaste disposition helps one focus, give all they can and become the best they can be.

The Chaplaincy of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa is pleased to invite you to the 4th Youth Chastity conference for Youth in schools, universities and colleges on 10th February 2018 starting at 8 am. The main purpose of the conference is to reflect with the youth on the question of chastity and careers and to generate ideas from the young people on how to make chastity fashionable among their peers. It is also hoped that by popularizing chastity among the youth then it will become a household term in policy and advocacy while responding to the challenges young people face within society.Facilitators will be drawn from international and regional organizations that are supportive of the faith-based approach to life and family.

Key activities will include:

  • Talk on the place of chastity in pursuit of a successful career/vocation
  • Motivational talk on how to envision a bright future/career while enjoying todays’ challenges
  • Talk on how young people can be Value based change agents in the here and now.
  • Career guidance based degree, diploma and certificate programmes (Young people will interact with real professionals)
  • Confessions & Mass

This serves to invite you and to encourage the young people in your charge to benefit from this conference. The charges of the conference will be 100/= (including registration, conference information pack, and a certificate). Participants are encouraged to carry packed lunch or carry lunch money for service as low as 50/=. Individual participants should register here and/or group leaders should register on behalf of their teams by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR call/sms to 0724200342.

The collaborating partners for the event are the Archdiocese on Nairobi through the youth coordination office and the Family Office. Other collaborators include the Education office of the Sisters of Mercy Institute and Human Life International.

We will be delighted to receive you along with the young people under your charge.

Sincerely ,

Rev. Dr. Charles Kyalo

University Chaplain



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