The Department of Moral Theology organized a seminar on November 22 under the theme "Our Intellectual Apostolate as African Scholars: Focus on Research and Writing". The guest speaker was Rev. Prof. Laurenti Magesa.
Rev.Prof.Laurenti Magesa is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Musoma in Tanzania. He holds a PHD and Doctorate in Theology from St. Paul University Ottawa, Canada. He is currently teaching at Hekima School of Theology and Tangaza College.

In the seminar he led a discussed on:

1. An intellectual apostolate is part of the Church's mission in spreading the Christian faith in Africa.
2. For African scholars, there is a necessity of continuous research, reading, writing and publication.
3. Modern scholars should develop a habit of inquiry and of question in order to seek more knowledge to develop Africa.
4. Theology is contextual; therefore theological reflection on current moral pastoral issues is vital so as to arrive at relevant answers.
5. Despite rapid changes, an African scholar should never lose the Tradition of the Church and positive African values in responding to contemporary issues.

Some of the publications he has published include:

African Religion:The Moral Traditions of Abundant Life(1997)

Anatomy of Inculturation:Transforming the Church in Africa(2004)

What is Not Sacred? African Spirituality(2013)

The seminar was held at Learning Resource Center, Auditorium room 6. The seminar was open to both staff and students of CUEA. The seminar started at 11:00 am and ended at 1 pm.