Seminar: Legal Compliance Audits for State Corporations
Date: 20th to 24th November 2017
Venue: Naivasha.


About this Seminar:
A legal audit is a systematic, objective and impartial examination of the ‘legal health’ of an institution. A legal audit assesses and reports on the levels of legal compliance in an institution and the risks arising there from. CUEA CPD is pleased to present unique opportunity for current and aspiring legal compliance auditors to interact with an experienced advocate, legal auditor and trainer in the person of Mr.Charles B G Ouma, guest speakers from state corporations as well as fellow professionals in this 5 day intensive seminar on legal compliance audits for state corporations.
Participants get a unique platform to explore the subject of Legal Compliance Audits from an experiential perspective, share their personal experiences, identify and debate emerging issues, challenge the conventional wisdom and generate pragmatic solutions in an atmosphere of robust peer review.
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