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The University on Friday, May 3, launched three books among which was a revised edition of the book ‘Going Beyond Religious Traditions in Africa’ by the Late Rev. Prof. Frederick Ntedika Mvumbi, a former Professor of Humanities and Social Studies at CUEA who passed on two months ago.

The other two books included, Impact of Traditional African Sacrifice on the Value of the Eucharist: Lessons from the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, by Rev. Dr. Chrispine Ouma Nyandiwa a former coordinator of AMECEA Pastoral Institute (API), Gaba and currently a lecturer in the Faculties of Theology and Arts and Social Sciences at the CUEA,  Missionary Renewal: Rethinking Approaches and Paradigms for New Evangelization in the Light of Vatican II which is a product of the proceedings of the 19th Interdisciplinary Theology Session held in CUEA in 2017.

The three book’s launch event which was attended by staff and students from CUEA and CUEA constituent colleges of Tangaza, Hekima and Chemichemi, as well as from St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Apostle of Jesus Seminary and other neighbouring institutions was also platform to discuss matters affecting the Church and Society.

Two out of the three books, that is ‘Going Beyond Religious Traditions in Africa and Missionary Renewal: Rethinking Approaches and Paradigms for New Evangelization in the Light of Vatican II were published by AMECEA Gaba Publication,’ CUEA Press.

“Perhaps some will wonder why we are launching a book posthumously of our brother Fr. Frederick Mvumbi. The reason is that the two books published by CUEA Press were in line together; his came first and ours followed. So when Fr. Fred's book came out, he shared copies with some of us including me and we agreed that we would launch these two books at a given time during this semester. We all know what happened,” Rev. Prof. John Lukwata from the Faculty of Theology at CUEA explained during the book launch.

Prof Lukwata further indicated that he felt authorised to launch the Late Prof. Mvumbi’s book along with the other two because they were published by the same publisher and are both from the institution. “Tributes have been given to Fr. Mvumbi and I think this will have added another beautiful tribute.”

In his book ‘Going Beyond Religious Traditions in Africa’, the late Prof. Mvumbi reviews the nature and scope of Philosophy of Religion and provides a philosophical basis for honest dialogue of cultures and religion. He explores the foundational doctrines of African traditional religions, Christianity and Islam in order to have a comparative and authentic appreciation of their creeds. He then invites believers of all religion to go beyond their own traditions and seek a genuine appreciation of the philosophies and cultures of other religions.

According to Prof Mary Getui from the Department of Religious Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences at CUEA, the Late Prof. Mvumbi lived his book.

“Those who knew Fr. Mvumbi must have seen him dressed like an Arab and wondered whether he was really a priest or not. Yes, indeed he was a Catholic priest, a Dominican. He would say that the attire did not make him a Muslim, it was rather just an attire he acquired when he went to study in Egypt. Therefore, he could balance between being an Africanist and Dominican priest, and also teacher of Islam,” Prof Getui said adding that “We thank God for his life and the fact that we have material such as this which continues his legacy.”

Adapted from AMECEA Online News


Continous Assessment Test Marks

Students are reminded of the following policy in the Students handbook:-

Clause 1.11.3 All forms of Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) must be done and results made known to the students before the start of semester examinations. The components of CAT and activities shall be shared along with the course outline.

Clause 1.11.4  No student shall be allowed to take a regular, special or supplementary Examination without having CAT scores in his/her record.

N/B: Registry will not accept any CAT mark after release of exams. Exams released without a CAT mark will automatically be zero (0).

Students are thus requested to comply.


Academic Registrar 


Sr. Dr. Noelina Nakato who was recently recognized as a World Champion and Father of Modern Ecumenism Studies will this Thursday, May 9 deliver a public lecture at the University.

The Lecture will be held at the Jubilee Auditorium, Langata Campus starting at 2 pm.

Her research article was a winner among 5547 nominations drawn from 95 countries, organized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings
(IASR, 2019). Sr. Dr. Nakato joins a team of 500 Most Influential Experts in Ecumenism on Earth and can now endorse scientific meetings, conferences, keynote speeches and industrial collaborations in Ecumenism. Under her guidance, universities can contribute better in nation building through recruitment and promotion of programmes, allocation of public funds and advancement of research grants in areas of Ecumenism. She is now expected to enhance quality research and publication, organize indoor and outdoor activities such as walks, rallies, marathon, race, tweets on website, social media and print media on biography of World Champion in Ecumenism for colleges and universities. In support of her achievement, we are expected to extend the league of the legend on World Champion to the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) region and the rest of the world.

Sr. Dr. Noelina Nakato, a religious sister from the Religious Institution of the Daughters of Mary (DM) - (Bannabiikira), from the Catholic Diocese of Masaka - Uganda. She holds a Masters and a Doctorate in Canon Law from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Kenya that is also recognized by John Paul II University of Lublin, Poland. She received her Baccalaureate in Philosophy from Queen of Apostles, Philosophy Centre, Jinja - Uganda and Baccalaureate in Theology from CUEA. She joined CUEA in 2005 as a Tutorial Fellow in the Department of Canon Law and has since rose through the ranks to become a senior lecturer in the Institute of Canon Law, CUEA.

The public lecture is open to everyone.


The Senate at its 4th meeting held on 30th April 2019 approved Special/Supplementary Exams to be shifted from 9 and 10th May to 13 and 14th June 2019.

Students are therefore required to liaise with their respective departments to facilitate this exercise. The deadline for registration will be 5th June 2019.

Academic Registrar


All staff and students are requested to take note of the following change of dates for the May-July 2018/2019 Trimester:-

Orientation and Registration for Postgraduate Students           02/5/2019

Lectures begin for Continuing Students                                  06/5/2019

Orientation and Registration of Undergraduate Students           13/5/2019

Trimester Exam begins                                                        12/8/2019

End of Trimester Exams                                                       23/8/2019

Academic Registrar




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