Members of Faculty

Academic Staff 


  1. Bansikiza (Rev. Prof.) Constance - S.T.L. (CHIEA), S.T.D. (CUEA) - Moral Theology

Associate Professors

  1. Majawa (Rev. Prof.) Clement - MA (Angelicum), S.T.L. (CHIEA), S.T.D. (Urbaniana) - Dogmatic Theology.
  2. Gichure (Rev. Prof.) Peter: S.T.L., S.T.D. (Leuven) - Dogmatic Theology - (CV)
  3. Lukwata (Rev. Prof.) John, M: S.L.L., S.L.D. (Anselmianum) - Liturgy - (CV)
  4. Segeja (Rev. Prof.) Nicholaus: S.T.L., S.T.D., (CUEA) – Pastoral Theology
  5. Rwiza (Rev. Prof.) Richard – S.T.L (CUEA), M.A., S.T.D., (Leuven) – Moral Theology (CV)

Senior Lecturers

  1. Gachunga (Rev. Dr.) Francis: S.T.L (CHIEA), S.T.D. (CUEA) - Spiritual Theology
  2. Muema (Rev. Dr.) Peter: S.S.L., (Biblicum), S.T.D (Gregoriana) - Biblical Theology (CV)
    1. Mundele (Rev. Prof.) Ngengi Albert: S.S.L. (Biblicum), S.T.D (Münich) – Biblical Theology (CV)
  3. Wanjala (Rev. Dr.) Frederick: S.T.L., (CUEA) S.T.D (Gregoriana) – Dogmatic Theology (CV)
  4. Mwangangi (Dr.) John Kyule: M.A., PhD (Münster) - Missiology


  1. Kanakulya (Rev. Dr.) James: S.T.L. (Leuven), PhD (CUEA) – Pastoral Theology
  2. Mpala (Rev. Dr.) Joseph Ngulu: S.T.L., S.T.D. (Gregoriana) – Church History
  3. Kahumba (Rev. Dr.) Ambroise: S.L.L., S.L.D. (Anselmianum) – Liturgy
  4. Temu (Rev. Dr.) Reginald: S.T.L., S.T.D. (Gregorian) - Spiritual Theology (CV)
  5. Wabanhu (Rev. Dr.) Emmanuel Charles: BA (Urbaniana), M.A. S.T.L S.T.D (Leuven) – Moral Theology
  6. Leonida King’ola (Sr. Dr): S.L.L., S.L.D (Padova Institute, Italy) – Liturgy
  7. Ekomwa (Rev. Dr.) Joseph: S.T.L. (CUEA),S.L.D (Pontificia Studiorum Universitas) – Dogmatic Theology

Assistant Lecturers

  1. Ouma (Rev. Fr.) Chrispine: S.L.L. (Padova Institute, Italy) – Liturgy
  2. Mutarubukwa (Rev. Fr.) Gerald: S.L.L. (Anselmianum) – Liturgy
  3. Odikor (Rev. Fr.) Frederick Ikaal: S.L.L (Pontifical Biblical Institute) - Biblical Theology

Visiting Lecturers

  1. Kocholickal (Rev. Dr.) George: S.T.L., S.T.D. (Salesiana) - Dogmatic Theology
  2. Oliana (Rev. Dr.) Guido: S.L.L., S.L.D. (Anselmianum) – Liturgy

Faculty of Theology


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