Members of Faculty

The Faculty had twenty seven (27) full time academic staff members serving across Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies programmes.

1. Dr. Sr. Jacinta Adhiambo, The Dean Faculty of Education (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Adhiambo, J.M. (2013). Teacher Effectiveness: Implication for Holistic Development of the Child In Early Childhood Education for Holistic Development of the Child.

Adhiambo, M. Jacinta, E. Adenike, & Ngigi S. Kangethe (Eds). Nairobi: CUEA Press. ISBN: 9966-909-92-3.

Adhiambo, J. M, Adenike, E & Ngigi S. Kangethe (Eds). (2013). Early Childhood Education for Holistic Development of the Child. Nairobi: CUEA Press. ISBN: 9966-909-92-3.

Adhiambo, J.M. (2012). Education: An Effective Tool for Servant Leadership in Africa. Education and Evangelization in Africa Ecclesial Review (AFER). Eldoret: AMECEA Gaba Publications-CUEA Press, pp 156-177.

Adhiambo, J.M. (2012). Guidelines for financial management: Implementation in public secondary schools in Kisumu East, District, Kenya. Lambert publishing house.

Adhiambo, J.M. (2012). Jesus’ Command to proclaim the Good news: witness of Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi and Fr. John Marengoni relived in the Education of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary. African Christian Studies. Quarterly Journal of Faculty of Theology. Volume 28, Number 1 March 2012,pp1-36. Nairobi: CUEA Press. ISSN 1013-171X.

2. Dr. Simon Kang’ethe Ngigi, Director, Gaba Campus (CV)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Keengwe J., Mbae J., Ngigi S. K. (2014). Promoting Global Literacy Skills through Technology-Infused Teaching and Learning. Advances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design (AETID). IGI global. ISBN13: 9781466663473.

Ngigi S. K., Karuti S. L., & Amutabi M. N. (2014). The Gender Socialization Question in Education: Influence on Boys’ and Girls’ academic Achievement. European Scientific Journal July 2014 Edition Vol.10, No.19, pp 279

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Ngigi, S. K. (2013). Early Childhood Education and Teacher Development in “Adhiambo, M. J., et all Ed”. Early Childhood Education for Holistic Development of the Child (Ed) (ISSN 9966.

Adhiambo, M. J., Emeke, A., Ngigi, S.K. (2013). Early Childhood Education for Holistic Development of the Child (Ed) (ISSN 9966-909-92-3). CUEA Press, Nairobi.

Hawkes, M., Sivasivugha, E. Ngigi, S. K., Masumbuko, C. K., Brophy, J., Kibendelwa, Z. T. (2013). HIV and Religion in the Congo: A Mixed-Methods Study. Current HIV Research. Volume 11, 3, 2013, pp. 246-253(8).

Ngigi S. K. (2012). Home Based Sex Education In Kenya" - Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-659-23340-.

3. Prof. Justus Mbae VC, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

4. Dr. Ann Kanga, Coordinator, Teaching Practice (CV)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Kanga, A., Maina, S., & Njoroge, L. (2014). Kenya’s Initiatives to Gender Equity in Basic Education through International and National Gender Framework.

Lenses. In Brown, E. & Zong, G. (Eds). Global Perspectives on Gender & Sexuality in Education: Raising Awareness, Fostering Equality, Advancing Justice . Information Age Publishing. (Book Chapter Accepted for Publication)

Kanga, A. & Githinji, F. (2014). Institutional Based Students Academic Dilemmas in a Selected Public University in Kenya. International Journal of Scientific Research, 3(5), 101-102.

Kanga, A. (2012). Gender violence & strategies of resilience among girls in Kenya: Socio-cultural, theoretical & Empirical perspectives from Kenya. Saarbrucken: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing

Kanga, A. & Githinji, F. (2011). Early Childhood Development Education in Kenya: A

Literature Review. International Journal on Current Research, 3(11), 129-136. ISSN: 0975-833X. Available online at

5. Dr. Elizabeth Ngumbi

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Kairo, R. W., Ngumbi, E. & Nyagah, G. (2014). (In Press). The Use of Information and

Communication Technology Resources in Improving Teaching and Learning in Public Primary School in Gatanga District, Kenya. Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities & Sciences. SREK Journal of Education and Research, 3(5), 34-44.

Ngumbi, E.K. (2014). Enhancing democracy through education for empowerment: A reality check of Kenya. In F.E. Godwyll, P.O. Ojiambo, & P. K. A. Bedu-Addo,

(Eds.). Perspectives on empowering education, (pp. 191-207). New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Ngumbi, E. K., Godwyll, F.E., & Alhadi, E. (2013). The impact of border conflicts in

Africa. Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities & Sciences. SREK Journal of Education and Research, 3(1), 1-5.

Godwyll, F. E. & Ngumbi, E. K. (2012). African women from 1400 to 1900. In E.

Ramsamy (Ed.) Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia-Vol. 2. (pp. 280-285) Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Maithya, P. M., Mulwa, D. M & Ngumbi, E. K. (2012). Secondary school headteachers’

attitude towards teachers transfer exercise in Nairobi Province, Kenya. Kenya Journal of Education Planning Economics & Management, 5(5), 82-101.

Godwyll, F.E. & Ngumbi, E.K. (2009). Problematic recipe: Alternatives to public health education to reduce the HIV pandemic. Nordic Journal of African Studies, 18(1), 73-90

6. Dr. Evans Ogoti Okendo, Head of Academic programmes Gaba Campus (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Sanja, M.M., Mneria, E., Ogoti,E.O., Tenge, E. & Nasiuma, B (2014). Investigation of Information Communication Technology in Kenyan Primary Education Sector Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, JETCIS, July. 2014, Vol 5, No.7.

7. Dr. Shem Mwalw’a, Lecturer, Coordinator School Focused Program (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Ndiga, B., Mumiukha, C. K., Flora, F., Ngugi, M., Mwalwa, S. N. (2014). Principals’ Transformational Leadership Skills in Public Secondary Schools: A Case of Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions and Academic Achievement in Nairobi County, Kenya. American Journal of Educational Research, Sep. 2014, Issue 9, No.2.

8. Dr. Sr. Candida Mukundi, Lecurer (cv)

Development of Programmes & documents for the establishment of a University College.

9. Dr. Sr. Sabina Mutisya, HOD, Educational Research and Evaluation & Ag. HOD Psychology. (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

John, R., Aloka, P., & Mutisya, S. (2013). Influence of Electronic Media on Behavior Problems among Selected Kenyan Secondary Schools Students. International Journal Advances in Social Science and Humanities.

Kinyanjui, M. W.; Mutisya, S. K.; Ndeke, F. N.; Aloka,P. J. O.; Nyang’ara, N. M. (2014). Classroom Reinforcement Schedules and their Effectiveness in Selected Kenyan Primary Schools. Journal of Education and Research.

Kinyanjui, M. W.; Mutisya, S. K.; Ndeke, F. N.; Aloka,P. J. O.; Nyang’ara, N. M. (2014). Classroom Instruction Reinforcement Strategies and Factors that Influence their Implementation in Kenyan Primary Schools. Journal of Education and Research.

10. Mr. Philip Nyaswa, Lecturer (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Philip B.O.Nyaswa. (2010) Understanding Examination Malpractices in Kenya. Berlin: LAP Lambert Academic Publishers.

Omondi S & Nyaswa P. (2010) The Kenya Prisons Service Bench Mark Book. Nairobi. Prisons Service.

Nyaswa p. Momany M. Wakah G., Kyambo (2008) An investigation into the 2007 KCSE Examination Malpractices. Nairobi. Kenya Episcopal Conference.

11. Mrs. Catherine Machyo, Lecturer (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Paths of Development CCR-IFCU Poverty Reduction Research Project Report. An Assessment of The Kenya Government’s Revolving Loan Funds Programmes and the Catholics Churches’ Self help Group Approach Projects (2014). Department of Research and Centre for Research International Federation for Catholic Universities.

Practical Guide to Teaching Practice for Students and Lecturers, 2nd Edition. (2011)

Current Issues and Trends in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Proceedings of the 2008 Interdisciplinary Session of the Faculty of Education, CUEA.

12. Mrs. Florence Ateka, Ag. HOD, Curriculum Studies and Instruction (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Challenges of Implementing HIV & AIDs Education in primary schools in Langata Division Nairobi Kenya, Lambert Publishing Co. 2012

Accelerated Christian Education. A Chapter in the Book, Early Child Education & Development, CUEA Publications, 2013.

13. Prof. Paul Achola, Kisumu Campus (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Topical Issues in Sociology of Education for Africa: A Reader (Content being worked on) African Marriage and Family at Crossroads: Problems and Prospects (12 Chapters Identified) October 13, 2014

14. Sr. Dr. Florentina Ndeke, HOD, UGSE (cv)

Recent Publications/Articles/Chapters in Books

Kariuki, N. S; Aloka, P. J. O; Kinai, T; Gatumu, H. N; Ndeke, F. N. (2014). Relationship between Adolescents’ Perceptions of Their Parents’ Behaviours and Youths’ Non-Illegal and Minor- Illegal Delinquency in Nairobi Secondary Schools, Kenya: Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences: 5 (7) 391-401

Kaula, A. S.; Aloka, P.J.O.; Ndeke F. N. (2014). The Relationship between Anxiety Levels and Academic Achievement among Students in Selected Secondary Schools in Lang’ata District, Kenya: Journal of Educational and Social Research. 4(3) 403-413

Ndeke, F. N. & Aloka, P.J. O. (2013). The Effects of E-Mentoring on Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement: A Study of Selected Students from Two Girls’ High Schools in Nairobi County, Kenya. Journal of Psychology and Social Behavior Research. 1(3)44-51.

15. Dr. Br. Celestine Kakooza, Lecturer

16. Dr. David Kiprop, Lecturer (cv)

17. Dr. Jared Anyona, Deputy HOD UGSE

18. Dr. Jennifer Munyua, University Counselor Gaba Campus

19. Dr. Magdalene Dimba, Head of Academic programmes Town campus.

20. Prof. Marcella Momanyi, HOD Educational Administration and Planning

21. Dr. Margaret Gikuhi, Lecturer, Coordinator Academic Programmes (cv)

22. Mr. Peter Takahikire, Lecturer

23. Sr. Josephine Adibo, University Counselor

24. Mr. Edward Ombajo

25. Sr Dr. Okpalaenwe Elizabeth Ngozi, Lecturer

26. Sr. Dr. Eze, Chikadibia Eucharia, Lecturer

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